You’ve got a Business, We’ve got a Plan

You’ve got a business, a client base, and good ideas for the future. 

Now what? 

Friends and family will tell you to get a website, but a quick look online reveals it’s not as simple as it first seems. In fact, cheap template sites rank lower on search engines than custom built ones, so what should you do? Finding a local SEO agency in Melbourne to help you build up your website should be your first priority. This is where First Move Digital comes in. But first, let’s explain SEO and why it’s invaluable to your business.

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of directing traffic to your website through search engine results. This is done by creating high-quality website content (including blogs), optimising web pages around key words, and building backlinks on business directories and industry specific websites. In other words, Search Engine Optimisation increases your business ranking in organic search engine results. But why is this important?

First up, unlike paid ads, which work for the duration of a paid advert then taper off, SEO ensures long term sustained traffic to your website and establishes your business presence online. Results are accrued gradually and improve with time, but if done right, SEO creates the basis for free web traffic to your business. In short: it really pays off to have a professional copywriter at your local SEO Agency help you get this right.

Sadly you can’t just “tell” Google or another search engine to make your business website number one. Getting to the top of search results requires patience and fine-tuned copywriting skills to ensure Google knows your site is what users are looking for. This requires thinking like a journalist by correctly identifying search intent and matching those queries to the content on your website. That means if you’re selling sneakers in London, the copywriter has to identify the kind of things search engine users are likely to “google” when trying to find your product and the key words contained within that query eg. sneakers, gym shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, kicks, high tops, etc. A good SEO agency will then go about matching those keywords with a data set that includes location, age-groups and other search criteria. Every small detail, from the architecture of your website, to the individual titles of your webpages, down to the metadata and URL descriptions, play an important part in SEO. An eye for detail and expert knowledge is required to make this process as effective as possible.

First Move Digital is a local SEO agency in Melbourne with a vibrant team of experts and creatives. Our adaptable approach to SEO strategy aims to deliver long-term, noticeable results to your business, while you leave the technical issues to us. Get in touch today to get started!