Why Your Office Should Be Pet Friendly

For thousands of years, people have worked alongside their furry friends. Dogs for hunting, horses for travel, and ancient Egyptians even worshipped cats.

It seems odd, then, that many modern offices consider pets an unnecessary distraction in the daily hunt for productivity. At First Move Digital – the SEM Agency Melbourne relies on to keep its marketing moving – we beg to differ and have reaped the rewards of a pro-pet workspace.

If you could be tempted to welcome your office’s newest member, we recommend you press paws and read on to learn the benefits of becoming pet positive!

Serotonin Assistants

The playful and loving nature of dogs can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, helping employees to feel more positive, relaxed, and motivated. Patting a dog has also been found to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. From well-behaved dogs to those with more of a cheeky nature, having these adorable fluff balls running around is guaranteed to spread joy.

Morale Boosters

Allowing pets can boost office morale, making the space feel like an enjoyable place to be. Giving employees the freedom to bring in their most supportive companions can raise employee satisfaction and help them feel right at home.

Following months of working from home, your employees are sure to appreciate a slow transition from the home back to the office, with pets playing a key role in this process.

Increase Productivity

We know what your first thoughts are when you hear about pets in the office – troublemakers and distractions! Actually, the nature of animals to lift people’s moods can be the source of more productive workdays.

A dull, boring office environment can make employees feel tired and uninspired. The mood-boosting power of pets can make employees feel more positive about getting to work.

An Excellent Icebreaker

If they’ve been raised right, the only thing your pets will be breaking in the office will be ice! A well-behaved pet can be just the tonic to bring colleagues together and begin stronger, more collaborative, and productive relationships. If this culture is fostered and encouraged, you could see these relationships benefit business too.

Attract Future Talent

No, not the pets themselves! Welcoming a pet-friendly policy to your office is becoming more desirable for job hunters, according to a 2016 study from Oregon, United States at Banfield Pet Hospital – the world’s largest of its kind.

The survey found that 70% of employees and 77% of HR decision makers believe a pet-friendly workspace has a positive impact. This makes such environments more desirable for applicants in an increasingly competitive labour market.

If you’re struggling to welcome new staff onto your books, consider adding pets into the mix and see if it doesn’t help you to boost your business.

A First Move Future

At First Move Digital, we’re forward thinking. Whether it’s a pet friendly office or a trend-setting marketing campaign, we always make the first move. There’s a reason we’re the SEM agency Melbourne trusts to get ahead of the competition.

If your business wants to broaden its horizons and seek new paws-ibilities, get in touch to learn how we can help you to level-up.