Why Your eCommerce Store NEEDS Email Automation

So, you run an e-commerce store? That’s great, then you surely already understand the importance of maintaining a solid email list. The email list you keep is like your business’s best friend. It can make or break it, it can be the difference between success and failure.

When carefully cultivated, your mailing list becomes an asset to your store. You are able to continue remarketing it, growing it, and eventually watch as the conversions come rolling on in.

Considering how expensive other methods of customer acquisition can be, it’s understandable that most e-commerce stores live by the ethos of “building the list”.

So, you understand the importance of your email list, but the types of emails you are sending are equally imperative to your store’s success.

Automation is the key!

So, What About Automation?

If you have been accosting and attacking your email list with random offers then stop, this simply doesn’t work. Instead, use automation to send targeted, unique emails to your list. Automation allows you to send emails based upon the action’s customers took when browsing your store.

Here we will look at the three most important automated emails to send;

The Abandoned Cart – Studies indicate that up to 87 per cent of consumers abandon their carts, although 70 per cent of them hold the intention of eventually checking out.

How to turn this around?

You grab their email early in the checkout process, this way you can send them automated emails following up on the order if they do abandon the cart.

The Product Review Email – Most customers love to read product reviews. In fact, A study by Econsultancy.com indicates that 61 per cent of shoppers read reviews before deciding on a purchase.

So what does this mean?

Basically, if you have positive product reviews on your pages you have a better chance of making that all-important sale.

The reviews your products receive are imperative to your store’s success, therefore your reviews are an asset your business.

The Customer Win Back Email – The moment a customer has made a purchase and is added to your mailing list you have done all the hard work.

You can then send them a customer win back email after they haven’t returned and made a purchase from your store for some time.

To make sure you set up effective automated emails make sure they all contain;

  • A catchy subject line which grabs the customer’s attention.
  • A link to account sign in. Once they sign in they will be taken back to checkout with the item ready to be purchased.
  • A clear, simple call to action with a large-scale image of the product and a prompt to “make it theirs”.

It takes some time to set up these emails.

Your mailing platform has to be integrated with your store so that you have a clear understanding of who your customers are and what they are selecting.

The end result can be incredibly positive and grow your online stores conversation rate with little work!