Why & How Hashtags Are Still Going To Get You There

Hashtags have been around a while now. We’ve seen the ups and the downs, crazes, phases, trends, and now a lot of what seems to be neglected. With new algorithms on the scene it’s easy to forget about the trusty tools we’ve had on hand for years now. In a time where so many businesses and users have given up on hashtags, not because they don’t work, but because they never took the time to find out how, here’s how you can get ahead with the help of hashtags. From the perspective of one of the leading Social Media Marketing agencies Melbourne has on offer, we know just how much potential lies in the often untapped potential of the hashtag.

The biggest argument around hashtagging is the question of how much is enough, too much, or too little. There’s really no right or wrong answer here but there are tried and tested methods that work. Instagram will let you use up to 30 hashtags per post. Many argue that this will only get you in front of more eyes, we know the modern social media user and potential customer is sick of the hard sell social. Your audience wants to see organic, real content they can relate to. They want it to seamlessly fit in with their feeds, needs, and lifestyles, without feeling like a piece of marketing and nothing else. Using between 3-5 hashtags keeps you spread across relevant pages without being too in your audiences face.

The next most important thing for your #strategy is #relevance. Some will throw in any hashtag with a big audience even if it is far from the realm they’re posting in. Throwing in #puppies on your latests post about your shoe sale might get your post seen by hundreds, but the reality is those people aren’t looking to buy shoes. Stay on track with hashtags that are relevant to what you’re posting as well as your business. This way your reach will actually be worth something and full of potential leads all while staying genuine and building a trustworthy brand reputation.

Keep your hashtags neat too. While it was a recent trend to hashtag dump in the first comment on your posts we’ve come a long way from that tactic. Hashtags are no secret, they aren’t something we should have to hide from audiences. However, keeping them neat and orderly is a great way to structure and organise your posts. The most common form and what has been widely accepted by audiences is leaving your most relevant 4 or so hashtags to the end of your captions. This way they’re doing their job without getting in the way, customers know just where to find them on their own accord too.

Even though hashtags have been around for some time now with all new developments and updates there are always new ways to use them. Many users are now getting crafty and adding (or hiding) extra hashtags in their content. Through instagram stories you can also add hashtags. Cover them with stickers, gifs, or just draw right on over them with the drawing tool. This way your stories can come up on hashtag pages and your audiences don’t have to be bombarded with them or your beautiful visual content compromised in doing so.

Put these tips to the test and see if they breathe new life into your business. If you can’t seem to perfect that social media marketing campaign, the team at First Move are ready and waiting to tailor your next strategy towards your business and the results you need.