Web Development

Building functional websites that seamlessly integrate ecommerce applications is what we thrive on. From web markups to coding, programming and database management, successful web development relies on the precise technical skill and up-to-date knowledge found here at FMD.

Consider a brick-and-mortar store. If you heard great things about that new boutique down the road, you might find yourself wandering down to check it out. Upon arrival, you see the counter unattended, the decor tired and dusty, and the pricing unclear. Next step? You make for the door.

This need for TLC doesn’t stop in physical stores, with digital versions needing just as much expertise and attention to maintain positive experiences. Luckily, first impressions are our thing, so we’ll utilise our creative nous and design skills to craft an accessible, easy to understand website that takes your customers from the homepage to the checkout.

Web development or “web dev” if you want to be tech-savvy is all of the technical engineering behind the scenes of a quality website. 

We’ve all experienced a bad website that’s hard to navigate and visually unappealing or just doesn’t work on your phone. You may even have encountered a website with significant security flaws, was slow to load or kept showing that buggy 404 error message. An experienced team can help you avoid all these problems on your own website, so the experience for your customers is second to none. 

In the digital world, nothing is more off-putting than a poorly developed website. It’s the equivalent of a shop having a leaking ceiling, dampening your mood and creating a horrible first impression for your customers. 

While there are plenty of self-taught web builders out there, if you want a truly unique website that functions perfectly for your brand and your customers as well as being a secure site, then you need to build it from the ground up with HTML code as well as up to date building techniques. 

Web development is a highly specialised field that touches on just about everything that would be involved in your website’s build. It ranges from its appearance or user interface (UI) that helps your customers navigate the site and buy all the fantastic products on offer to its security performance. 

The first step all of our web devs take to create the perfect website for your brand is to take a close look at your brand and your store and customers’ unique needs. We will design a high-quality website for you and help you identify where, how, and why your users interact with your content and the message that is presented to them through this site. 

Whether starting from scratch or renovating an existing site, we can help create a digital presence that connects with your prospective and current customers. All websites we design are planned with a purpose, unique to your brand, secure and well prepared with great navigation that will keep your customers happy.



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Are you ready to make the first move?