Web Design

Web design is the culmination of technical web development with artistry. From concept to wire frame, we work tirelessly to strike the right balance between design and function. With user experience as our priority, we put the emphasis on intuitive, enjoyable web experiences.

Consider a brick-and-mortar store. If you heard great things about that new boutique down the road, you might find yourself wandering down to check it out. Upon arrival, you see the counter unattended, the decor tired and dusty, and the pricing unclear. Next step? You make for the door.

This need for TLC doesn’t stop in physical stores, with digital versions needing just as much expertise and attention to maintain positive experiences. Luckily, first impressions are our thing, so we’ll utilise our creative nous and design skills to craft an accessible, easy to understand website that takes your customers from the homepage to the checkout.

Our team focuses on developing websites from the ground up, so they’re laser-focused to achieve your business goals. Our designers work to stop your website visitors in their tracks with straightforward and seamless designs that help to deliver the content they’re looking for to them immediately. With a significant focus directed towards the creation of innovative designs that focus primarily on the user experience of your customers. We put a genuine emphasis on intuitive and enjoyable web experiences. 

No digital design process would really be complete without testing and refining the user experience of your site. Understanding where, how and why users will interact with your content and what message to deliver is critical to creating a website that will swiftly provide all the information your clients need right to them. 

To create a good experience for your customer, your website designer has to think about how shopping and browsing through your site makes the customer feel and how easy it is for them to accomplish their desired tasks, whether buying a product or signing up for a service. 

Our team will also work on creating a prompt and responsive website as a means to improve the experience of your customers. We understand that your customers are always on the move and need an adaptable site that will perform highly on desktops and laptops to tablets and mobiles. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers- the most important people in your business- to take a closer look at what functionality your site needs and its purpose to create a website that embodies your brand while providing your customer with the easiest experience possible. 

At First Move, we understand the importance of designing for the purpose of improving the user experience. Combining technical skills with creative solutions, we never stop looking for opportunities to build your internet presence.



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Are you ready to make the first move?