Understanding Google Ads

Google ads are an invaluable tool for getting noticed. Google ads position your website at the top of Google search results by using optimised keywords searched for by your target audience. For this reason, Google Ad campaigns require careful Google Adwords management Melbourne to ensure you get the perfect wording. Here’s how Melbourne’s top digital agency can help.

If you’re thinking about spending money on a targeted ad campaign then naturally you want to see great results. Unlike website search engine optimisations (SEO) that improves over time, Google Ads are time based. Your ad is geared to show up on search engine results at the moment when a potential customer searches for products and services like yours. Google Ads capture your potential customer’s attention exactly when they’re in spend mode, and that’s why they’re so effective at driving clicks.

Importantly, Google Ads help you refine your marketing over time based on what does and does not work. This is real personalised data that is invaluable to your business. Your Google Ad analytics can be used to improve your brand presence in general, from your website, to your socials to your packaging. With this information put in the hands of an expert digital agency like First Move, you can achieve almost anything in the online world. It’s all about kicking your business goals.

Google Ad campaigns can be tailored to any budget and time frame, but what is less adaptable is the wording itself. It’s important to understand that online marketing is more involved than just pushing a catchy slogan. SEO requires that we used particular words in a particular way in order to rank well on Google search results. That means that you need to stick with a targeted set of keywords (such as your location, business type and key product words etc) in order to be seen online. This might sound easy but in reality sticking to a limited set of key words can make your ads come across as repetitive – and they certainly won’t be eye-catching. This is why a team of creatives are an asset in the online world, by re-working the limited range of essential key words in ways that sound fresh and interesting enough to grab your ideal customer’s attention. 

Google Ads aren’t all about what you can say either, they also rely heavily on what you don’t say. Negative keywords avoid conflicts with other search results so your ad isn’t showing up in the wrong place. By avoiding words that trigger interest in the wrong product or service area, we can ensure your ad is exactly where you want it to be. Negative keyword lists further strengthen where you ad does and does not show up and bolstered by your analytics, we can make sure they target the perfect audience range.

Let’s get your Google Ad campaign up and running today. Contact First Move Digital to get started.