The Future of the Metaverse

The idea of a Metaverse is exciting to some and daunting to others. Up for grabs by many tech giants, there is no denying some sort of virtual reality Metaverse is on the horizon, in the not-so-distant future. Imagine strolling galleries filled with NFTs, catching up with friends who live on the other side of the world, purchasing things only using your crypto and having items that can only exist in a virtual world. Many of us discovered working from home during the pandemic but the Metaverse will take our working conditions to even greater heights. Who knows, maybe there will be a virtual FMD digital marketing agency Melbourne in the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

Simply meaning beyond (meta) and universe (verse), the Metaverse is beyond what we call reality. The creation of a completely online world of virtual reality or augmented reality will see a whole new way to encounter people, art and so much more. This virtual reality experience is expected to be a place you feel and not view. It could be an oasis where you can create your own rooms and worlds; where you can experience things that aren’t possible IRL.

Think Ready Player One, Sword Art Online, the concept of the Matrix, the Simpsons episode “Holidays of Future Passed” (Ultranet) and so many others. The Metaverse will be a world where anything is possible (maybe).

Who will be Involved in the Metaverse?

Moving away as a social media giant to a possible virtual reality leader, Mark Zuckerberg has his claws deep in the idea. Zuckerberg recently rebranded Facebook to Meta. This could have been an attempt to prove his commitment to the Metaverse and Meta’s development of Horizon, a VR platform of the Metaverse. Horizon offers people a space where you can play games, attend events or just hang out. Everyone in the world is a real person. You can also enter a “safe Zone” where you are able to get away from anyone and block, report or mute others.

The Metaverse is anyone’s game at the moment as it hasn’t been fully developed yet.

All tech giants including Google and Microsoft are trying to grab this massive opportunity.

South Korea is always ahead of the game with technology. In November, Seoul, South Korea pledged $33.3 million USD for a virtual reality project called “Metaverse Seoul”. Hoping to launch in 2022, this project aims to assist socially disadvantaged people with extended reality (XR) solutions, among many other features.

Implications with the Metaverse 

With technology constantly on the rise, we never know how it will impact our IRL wellbeing until it’s in our reality.

Mental Health 

As modern humans, we love tech. We scroll and scroll for hours as a form of escapism. Does it impact our mental health? Yes. We’ve seen The Social Dilemma, so we know it does. Does that stop us? No.

The metaverse will be the ultimate escape from reality. Depending on the level of this space, will depend on what we can do. With time, it’s assumed the metaverse will grow but who knows what the beginnings look like. As Zuckerberg said “connecting with people” is the most important experience of them all, so maybe that’s what the Metaverse will be all about.


There is no denying there will be issues with hacking, tampering, cheating, and theft. Will there be laws in the metaverse? Virtual lawyers? We assume there will be features to block, report and remove yourself from uncomfortable situations but the security surrounding people’s personal data will need to be strong.

What will we need?

Some form of VR or AR equipment to access the Metaverse is a given. Maybe there will be equipment to scan our whole bodies for an accurate avatar that really looks like us.

When will the metaverse be released? 

There have been rumours that 2026 is the year the Metaverse will be released. Everyone’s getting so excited and you can already buy property on certain platforms that will exist in the Metaverse.

Why Choose FMD?

At FMD, we like to be ahead of the game. With our extensive knowledge working with clients in diverse sectors and industries, FMD has built a name for ourselves as one of Melbourne’s leading digital marketing agencies. Packed with talented teams, we work hard to ensure our clients are happy and that their vision is brought to life.

Will you be taking the red pill or the blue pill? Set up your avatar and get amongst it; or are we already in the Metaverse?