THE FIRST Marketing Opportunity your business needs to take in 2019!

A lot of businesses and companies – of all sizes – are sending money down the drain when it comes to marketing. They still follow the beliefs that Facebook advertising isn’t ‘right’ for them or that Instagram is filled with kids. They simply do not realise how big the marketing opportunities are!

We can all agree that the attention of consumers is leaving the television and print-media spaces, now heavily favouring the mobile and social media universe. The major issue here, is that businesses are trying to use the same advertising language on social media platforms as they did on TV or in newspapers. We saw the same thing happen when radio gave way to television – companies started running TV ads as they would radio ads! (Think still-images with a narrator over the top)

People don’t fully understand how to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity that includes Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, GoogleAds, Instagram.

We’ll focus on one tool that we’ve seen so many businesses leave to the side…

LINKEDIN’s organic reach is really, really high.

Think of how Facebook was working for you a few years ago. You wouldn’t have a problem getting high engagement with your posts and pretty much everyone who followed your page saw what you were posting – right?

Side note: This doesn’t negate the opportunities that paid advertising offers. (These are worlds apart – more on this another time), but you should square-in on creating and distributing contextual content on this platform way more than you have been.

Two simple steps you can start RIGHT NOW:


Start off by adding to your LinkedIn profile to your email signature.
It’s a quick way to get more exposure for your profile and getting more followers – especially if you’re someone who sends a lot of emails anyway.
As you grow and gain more connections, this match ignites the process of dramatically increasing your content’s organic reach.


As part of any good social media strategy, you should engage with your community. Use this platform the way it is intended to be used. BE SOCIAL, GET CONNECTED. Our specialist suggests spending 40 minutes a day searching related hashtags and commenting to the top posts in your niche. This is the simplest and most sure-fire way to build not only your own community, but the strength of your brand.
Find the top posts in your world, read the posts, leave the most relevant comment. Repeat.

That’s it for today. Go forth and conquer LinkedIn before the algorithm is changed!