Technical Writing

Technical writing takes complicated concepts and breaks them down into high performing web content. If your product requires specialised knowledge, then technical writing is the appropriate direction for your brand copy. We work directly with businesses across the commercial and civil industries, health, education, design, and more, to produce informative web copy that integrates research with SEO and product marketing.

These days, consumers are all too wary of brands trying to push mass marketing messages into their space, invading their feeds and doing a great job of discouraging their loyalty. At First Move, we know how to create carefully thought out content marketing campaigns that fit right in, to gently nurture and inform target audiences.

We portray your knowledge and expertise through powerful thought leadership that’s guided by the ever-expanding field of content marketing. An avenue that’s now dominating the digital space for brands across the globe. If you’ve been avoiding this landscape, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon and put your best content forward.

Technical writing or content marketing is the creation of copy for more serious matters. Focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It’s used purely to inform your reader about a service or product, working perfectly for businesses that need to get their data and information out there to consumers. 

Our team pride themselves on creating relatable worded content to encourage and embrace your brand’s ethos. Building content that will be remembered in your customer’s minds and start a conversation between both parties. 

Through our technical writing services, our team will combine information and character to deliver content that fastens the relationship between your brand and its consumers. The ability to explain advanced concepts in layman’s terms is critical to a technical writing website. From EDM’s to case studies, our writers take profoundly perplexing technical ideas and turn them into consumer-friendly content.

Our team will consistently deliver technical content pieces with your intended purpose, keeping content within your brand and customers scope. Creating content that can clearly and accurately describe technical terms in easy-to-understand terms enhances communication abilities between your products and clients. 

At First Move, our team will research your intended industry products with the most up-to-date information and data available. Keeping your content concise and one target at all times creates an effortless experience for your customers.



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