Steps to Success on Social Media

Any retail business knows that social media marketing is essential for sales conversions, but the mystery is how to get those likes and backlinks working in the first place. An engaging social media presence may come off as effortless but a lot goes into crafting a successful marketing campaign. If you find yourself struggling to stand out from the crowd then consider reaching out to our specialist social media marketing agency Melbourne to get those hearts, likes, shares and eye-popping emojis rolling. At First Move we understand that social media is one of the most valuable ways to boost your brand. When it comes to social media our finger is on the pulse of what’s trending so we can best capture people’s attention.

Identify your customer
A good social media strategy covers a lot of areas but our starting point is always customer research. Trend-driven retail brands are going to have a very different look compared to information based services. Consumers vary hugely depending on your product so you should always use social media in a way that makes sense to your target audience.

Consider your competitors
Getting inside your customer’s head also means following your competitors. Your customers are probably following scores of other social media accounts in your field and you should too. To craft a good social media presence you need to see what they see, so you can fill gaps in the market and present something original. The last thing you want is for potential customers to get bored. This is easier said than done, which is why our social media team is primed to do the tricky market research for you.

Don’t forget the content
Living in the information age, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are reading less, but actually we are encountering bite sized information more than ever before. These days even the average person can recognise a good tweet, blog or caption when they see one, although they might not be able to explain why it’s so effective. Our creative copywriters are adept at crafting content to suit each platform that keeps things fresh and interesting. Better content equals more user engagements and ultimately more clicks to your site.

Pay Per Click can get you moving
Pay Per Click (PPC) services are short paid-for ads that promote visibility across social media platforms. PPC campaigns can give you that initial boost to clock-up follows, likes and views. Once you’ve got people’s attention you can translate that into long-lasting interest in your brand.

Lastly: the good old fashioned blog
There’s some confusion about the role of blogs in social media marketing campaigns. Blogs are mostly read by Google and other search engines to identify and rank your website. But blogs are also read by consumers who are interested in your brand and can be used to showcase your products or expertise. It’s important that your blogs are not just for search engine optimisation or just for interest. You need content creators who can craft both SEO and readable think-pieces. Optimised content that you’re truly happy with can then be sent out across the internet in a process called content syndication, placing your blogs in relevant online journals and news outlets so they’re seen by even greater numbers.

Let’s get your brand name out there. Contact First Move Digital to get started.