Social Media Management

Today, no brand is complete without a strong social media presence. Social Media Management is quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools to boost your relationship with consumers. FMD initiate focused social media marketing campaigns that spark conversations and build customer loyalty.

Selling your products and services is likely your top priority. Trust us when we say the real social media marketing heavy-hitters are the ones that build a brand their audience loves. The modern consumer wants their business dealings to be a two-way street and tend to shy away from the hard sell.

By really honing in on what makes your brand unique, we’ll build a digital persona that encourages engagement, and in return, builds trust with your client base – existing and potential. First Move can create an end-to-end sales journey for your potential clients and present them the opportunity to engage with your posts and build a real relationship with your business. We measure the success of social media presence through leads and sales, not likes, our social media services focus on more than just clicks. We work to create content that perfectly expresses the true essence of your brand. 

We’ve got that technical mindset that pushes boundaries.

While our SEO technicians are busy working magic around Google algorithms, our social media marketing experts are hands-on in calculating and refining strategies that position brands at the forefront of their industry online. We don’t only focus on creating social media marketing either; our social media management and marketing strategies work on creating content that beneficially works for each platform and its different mediums and audience. 

From the outset of the process, we sit down to get to know all about who you are, what you want to achieve and the customers you’re looking to attract. So that we can then create content that will resonate with your customers and brand audience, solidifying the trust and relationship your brand has with its customers. Every part of our strategy is backed up with research and experience and is built especially for your brand and its goals.

The social media marketing services we offer range from developing strategies that will boost your brand visibility with a significant focus on delivering your brand’s message and goals through this content. By assessing your past strategies, we can improve and progress your social media account forward, creating a meaningful presence online. 

Our social media management services include everything from your account setup and design to managing growth and communication. Your social media day-to-day running needs to become a regular occurrence to provide an authentic engagement between your brand and your audience. Our team of social media experts will be working alongside your individual strategy to increase your audience and engagement rates through the regular scheduling and creation of meaningful content.



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Are you ready to make the first move?