So, Are You Ready For A Rebrand?

In a world where many brands tend to fizzle as quickly as they emerged, the latest marketing trends call for brands to appear fresh and relevant in order to stay in touch with their audiences. But how do existing brands keep up to date with these modern demands? For many, the answer comes with a rebrand.

A rebrand is much more than just designing a new flashy logo, or thinking up a catchy, new grabline… it also calls for an in-depth rethink of the brand’s goals and assessment of the core pillars that uphold the business.

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We asked our business development and marketing experts what every company needs to know before opting for a rebrand. Here’s what they had to say:

Is A Rebrand The Right Idea For You?

Rebranding can be a complicated and risky feat.

When Uber decided to redesign their logo, 44% of people did not recognise that the new logo represented Uber.

This just goes to show that not even the big movers are safe from the dangers of rebranding. So before you get to the drawing board, it’s best to ask yourself if you are going to rebrand for the right reasons. Poor sales or low brand awareness are not necessarily triggers for a rebrand, but could also be addressed by a different marketing strategy. Boredom, crisis avoidance and cries for attention are also incredibly ill-advised reasons to rebrand.

It’s important to know that a rebrand isn’t always the answer – but sometimes it is…

Signs For A Rebrand

There are many reasons why companies look to rebrand. Sometimes it’s due to a new location and you’re looking to expand nationally, or internationally, to markets that won’t identify with your brand. Or maybe you’re wanting to reposition your brand to an entirely new type of customer – whether it be changes through your product, service, location, or price – your brand will need to follow suit.

Two companies merging is another big reason for a rebrand. As two brands come together, a new brand that reflects the new entity’s purpose must be fleshed out to prevent confusion and build trust, internally and externally.

Lastly, a shift in philosophy is one of the biggest reasons for a rebrand. Your business’ vision, mission, and values make up your overall identity and should govern every decision you make – including brand decisions. When a brand starts deviating from their vision, mission or values, it is usually a key sign that it’s time for a rebrand.

The Strategies

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to rebranding. It can be partial or total, depending on what your new brand needs and how much of the existing brand you can afford to lose.

There are a wide range of different strategies that require the conjoined efforts of a fully-fledged marketing team.

Rebrand Your Logo With Design

It wouldn’t be a new brand without a new logo. Using one indicates to your customers that you’re now different. It can be more bold, subtle, abstract or concise – whatever the change, it should match with the new identity that you’re going with. This also applies to your web design and user experience!

Rebrand Your Voice With Copywriters

Your newly found voice, or tone of voice (TOV), will represent all of your marketing content moving forward. Whether it’s formal, casual, witty, and so on, if you’re rebranding, it makes sense to change your brand’s voice to align with the core pillars of your business.

Create New Ads With Digital Marketing Specialists

Now that you’ve defined your brand’s new strategy, and you’ve got a new logo and TOV, it’s time to create new ads and content with this messaging in mind. These ads need to communicate the changes to your brand, why they were made, and what they mean for your customers. This can help you create clarity, draw in a new demographic, reach larger audiences, and ultimately gain brand trust.

Rebrand With FMD

So, are you still wondering if a rebrand is the right move for you and your business?

FMD helps brands in Melbourne – and around the world – develop concise goals and strategies for a rebrand. Not only that, but our dedicated team of designers, writers, web developers, marketing strategists, and so on, know exactly what it takes to carry out a successful rebrand. This is why, when people look for the best search engine marketing Melbourne has to offer, they find FMD.

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