SEO For The Silly Season

It’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush. While everyone is pushing and promoting, the ones who get ahead are the ones that planned ahead. SEO marketing and management is a great way to boost traffic all year round but heading into the silly season, between cyber monday, black friday, the christmas lead up, and the Boxing day sales, you’d be silly not to get on top of it! If you’re looking to up your SEO game and buckle up for the season ahead, First Move’s leading SEO marketing Melbourne team are ready to optimise your platforms and craft your content.


When it comes to SEO marketing there are plenty of resources out there to draw upon. A simple search can find you all the cyber week statistics from last year or exactly what people are searching and where, in the lead up to christmas. So once you’re armed with the keywords that apply to your business and will attract the sort of traffic you’re after, whats next?


You can have all the keywords in the world wide web, but if you don’t know how to use them properly they’re worth nothing to you. A great place to start is the already existing copy on your site or ecommerce store. Could the words you have on there already be re jigged to incorporate more valuable keywords that will lead searchers to you. When it comes to your website copy, and especially your landing pages your priorities should be; a prominent call to action, clear concise copy, and product or service description that is to the point.


Another great way to harness your SEO power is through blogging. The opportunities this time of year are endless. From product spotlights, brand highlights, new drops, wish lists, and gift ideas, there’s plenty of ways to create unique content that search engines will rank well. The best ranked content will be the stuff that actually adds value. Think original, unique, and interesting content. If the thought of that task is too overwhelming, we get it. You’re the expert when it comes to your field, we don’t expect you to suddenly become a copywriting whiz overnight on top of that. That’s where our expert team comes in. They’re ready and waiting to research, write, re-write, and perfect copy in a variety of tones, voices, and topics just for you.


Creating links on and off your page is another great way to optimise your content. Like all good things in life, balance is crucial. When creating these links in your copy less is more. Only link to relevant content and make sure your off page links lead to secure non-spam sites. Linking to your own site and products is great but again, when overdone loses its effect.


Don’t be scared to tailor your content and platforms to special events or occasions. Especially during the holidays, it pays to make things easier for your customers. Create landing pages that showcase your customers needs during the holiday season. We know audiences are constantly changing so we understand the importance of changing with them. Trends are friends, you’re not only making things easier for your customer by streamlining their experience but for yourself in trying to generate leads and sales.

Want to finish the year off with a bang rather than a fizzle? Get in touch and book your free strategy session now and see how First Move can get you there.