Reap the Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Lockdown has given Melbourne businesses plenty of time to think about their future. One of the most game changing drivers of leads and sales to consider is pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC services can give your business the winning edge on the online marketplace by targeting potential customers while they’re in buying mode.  With PPC services you help your customer base find you more easily by positioning your campaign strategically through their web browsing. This means your website will appear as a top result in their web searches, or as a graphic down the side of web pages such as Youtube, or even as a video advert at the beginning of a video. And as the name suggests, you only pay for actual click-throughs to your website.  So in effect, you only pay for direct and quantifiable traffic to your webstore. PPC can drive a huge increase in clicks to your website by targeting particular demographics and utilising adverts that grab their attention. For this reason PPC services are cost effective and measurable in web stats.  Moreover, PPC campaigns are customisable, so small changes can be made along the way to better refine your advert. Most of all, the results of PPC are fast in comparison to SEO, which is a long game. Combined together, PPC and SEO are invaluable to your business, to achieve your short and long term goals.  However, there are some downsides to managing a PPC campaign on your own and that’s why it’s best left to an experienced online marketing agency like First Move Digital. Firstly, clicks and visits don’t always result in sales, so it’s wise to take a holistic approach to your web presence that includes SEO, brand strategy, web design and refined content, to make sure everything is on point. This will help ensure that those clicks turn into leads that turn into sales.  Secondly, successful PPC requires specialised skills and time, so it’s really not something you should manage on your own. It takes marketing know-how and experience to build up a winning campaign, which needs to be monitored and tweaked as it goes.  You can’t just set up a PPC campaign and forget about it. Costs can add up quickly if your PPC campaign isn’t being managed. With a digital marketing agency you can allocate a budget for PPC and combine your PPC campaign with other services such as SEO to make the most out of your investment.  First Move Digital has specialist web developers and marketing creatives who will invest their time and skill into your PPC services. Optimising PPC effectively is what yields the best possible results. Since PPC gets to work so quickly, you’ll want to set it up correctly from the beginning to save yourself time and money.  At First Move we analyse and manage your PPC campaign from start to finish, so you can sit back and reap the benefits. Just contact us to get started.