Local SEO Agency, Big Impact

Finding a local SEO agency in Melbourne has never been easier, thanks to the internet, but finding a reputable local SEO agency in Melbourne is still another thing. So how do you divide the wheat from the chaff? Especially now that Covid-19 is shaking up the online world and businesses everywhere. We’re here to clear up information from misinformation and get your business running in the digital world.

At the beginning of April, changes to search engine results began to be reported on globally. For some businesses this meant a decline in website traffic and leads, for others this saw a rise in web traffic and consumer demand, but across the board the online world was volatile. We don’t know if the web itself is changing, the consumer is changing, or if search engines like Google are mixing up their algorithms, but we do know that it is more important than ever to have an authoritative website with expert SEO. This means keyword optimised content, free from errors and poor backlinks, are of vital importance. As far as can be seen, search engines like Google are actively demoting any web pages that appear to be promoting misinformation. Applied broadly, this means that search engine results are trending toward reputable web pages. For your business this means that it is essential to find a reputable SEO Agency in Melbourne like First Move Digital to lead your digital footprint.

A reputable SEO agency like First Move Digital’s expert team will provide your business with an authoritative domain and reputable backlinks in your niche area. Our expert technicians and creatives will manage your business web presence so that you maintain an authoritative (and factual) website during both crisis and boom periods, ensuring that your web business is trusted by search engines and favourably ranked.

Crisis periods lay bare the importance of functional key words. Due to Covid-19, we have seen consumers change from desire based purchases to prioritising essential services. Keyword searches including “from home” and “online” have seen a marked rise, and businesses have had to quickly adapt to the new remote consumer’s needs. Following the ebbs and flows of the digital trends is vital to keeping your business competitive on a local, national and global scale. This is where First Move Digital can help during changing times, providing quality digital services to your business from the comfort of your own home.

From a technical perspective, a functional website is also essential now that the world is going online. Fast loading speeds, up-to-date e-stores, user-friendly design with intuitive navigation, along with an integrated social media presence, are just some of the things that are needed to launch your bricks-and-mortar business into digital space. At First Move Digital, our brand strategists, web designers, professional writers and content marketers are ready to make this happen.