Integrating Pay-Per-Click with SEO

PPC and SEO is a match made in marketing heaven. Key words are essential for any PPC or SEO campaign so it just makes sense that they should work together. However, SEO and Pay-Per-Click strategies are usually suitable for a beginner, which is why finding a specialist SEO agency in Melbourne is such a crucial move for many businesses. However, a word to the wise, most SEO agencies separate PPC from SEO and this results in mis-matched marketing campaigns. At First Move Digital our SEO developers, content writers and PPC teams work together to strengthen results. If you want to up your business game, then First Move can help you build up a foolproof digital marketing strategy.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, shapes your website so it ranks favourably on search engines. When SEO is set up properly it generates revenue without anyone having to pay for advertising. The higher you rank the more visitors your website will receive, and more visitors means more customers. However, something SEO can’t do is yield instantaneous results. It takes time to build up the authority of your web domain. Everything from your content to your meta tags to your back links need to be working harmoniously for your SEO to generate strong results. So it should come as no surprise to learn that SEO and paid advertising should work together as well.

SEO is really driven by data sets. The better you understand which keywords are effective for your business, the better you can refine your SEO and web presence. Consider PPC the launching pad for achieving your very best SEO marketing. PPC uses social media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which allows you to collect valuable information about your target customers. A good SEO agency like First Move Digital will  translate that information into a high functioning website and engaging web content.

In turn, hard work put into good SEO will support targeted paid adverts. By combining PPC as well as SEO tactics you’re giving your business the most online visibility possible. And research backs up that this is a very good idea: businesses that integrated SEO with PPC saw on average a 25% increase in organic traffic.

In layman’s terms, if your website was a high street business then SEO marketing is what makes your storefront lively and interesting. Good SEO marketing is also what makes the products inside the store look desirable enough to purchase. SEO invites in organic foot traffic by attracting customers who were already in the area. In contrast, PPC is like a billboard put up a few miles away, catching the eye of fresh customers. Both forms of digital marketing have their pros and cons but when they work together they cover all bases. So what are you waiting for? Contact First Move to get started today.