Instagrams New Direction

Instagram has never lacked in its ability to change with the current trends and competition, so it’s no surprise that their CEO Adam Mosseri has announced another lot of changes for the social media platform.

The most noticeable change that will roll out in the next six months to a year is the app’s transition from a photo-sharing app to a video-based platform. This means the Instagram home feed will no longer be filled with square-shaped images. Instead, your feed will be filled with vertical videos you swipe up to scroll through.

This change has been prompted by their users’ desire to be entertained whilst using the app. The data collected from Instagram turn to the app for video, so this shift in media can be understood. Especially when you look at the increasing popularity of TikTok, Instagrams current top competitor.

Are There Going to Be Any Other Changes?

Among the change to a vertical video swipe-up platform, you’ll also see a difference in the app’s layout. Reels that once shared the stage with the photo-sharing side will now take over your feeds.

This doesn’t mean that static photos will be wiped entirely from the platform; they’ll just be moving to a secondary tab. However, this photo-sharing tab will receive little to no organic reach because of this shift in demand, something to note for your business account.

Instagram’s algorithm will still work in full force, providing your new feed medium with a mixture of reels from people you follow and those that the algorithm thinks you’d like. The explore tab will move from a mixture photo dominated suggestions too, you guessed it, a dominance of reels with only a handful of static and shopping posts from popular accounts being shared.

If your content on Instagram is based entirely on stories, lives and IGTV, there’s no need to stress, Instagram hasn’t announced any changes for these mediums within the app. So you can keep tinkering away on that next IGTV video. Of course, ads will also still play a role in this newly transformed platform, but when you now buy media on Instagram, the primary way to share this will be through vertical videos.

What These Changes Mean for Your Business

If you’re a business owner who shares new products or content through Instagram, here are the main changes you see happen to your business accounts.

The first significant change you’re going to want to see and adapt to is the turnover rate that might occur due to this large platform-wide change. A majority of Instagram users belong to specific niches that benefit heavily from static imagery, like photographers. With this change, it’s worthwhile to assess what the turnover rate for your followers and customers may look like. If over half of your market is likely to log off and interact less with Instagram after this colossal change, it might be worth changing your business platform too.

The second change to acknowledge is the difference associated with the creation of short-form videos. Again, it’s an enormous difference from photos, with a lot of other elements to consider. Short videos have a large focus on storytelling without the help of a caption. With this new form, you’ll have to rely entirely on your visuals and voice to tell your brand story, requiring more creativity and planning on your side, especially if you want to create a successful and engaging one.

The good thing about this change is that it’s nothing new. TikTok & YouTube both employ the same or similar processes, so it should be easy enough for you to understand the basics, even more, if you’re already active in these other platforms. With a lot of these videos falling into impulse filmed and employing shot-on-the-go style videos, it means that you don’t need to feel the pressure to create a top-notch video worthy of an oscar. It’s more about flexing your creativity and learning how to interpret your content pillars through a video lens instead of a photo lens.

You must understand the importance of these changes for your business because if Instagrams entire direction is changing from static photo sharing to short vertical videos, so should yours. If you’ve worked hard to get your content ranked high and engaging with all your followers, you’ll need to adapt your strategy as Instagram does to make sure you keep this top spot you’ve worked so hard for.

If you feel like your branding won’t be able to match the current transformations in play or want to stride into this new space with your best foot forward, contact First Move Digital. We have a range of services to up your social media game and get you performing at the top of your game.