How to Work Out the Costs of a Website Build

So, you’re in need of an eye-catching new website, but you’re feeling a little concerned about whether or not the overall costs of creating one will fit within your budget. Since multiple factors will impact the total price of your website, it’s hard to give you an exact answer without knowing exactly what you need. Overall, the biggest factor that determines the cost of a website build is time. The longer a website takes to build, the more it’ll cost, but there are various aspects to website building that will affect the total time it will take.

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Look at the Size

When it comes to the costs of building a website, time is money. To put it simply, the more pages you need, the longer it will take to create these pages and get them up and running, and the time that it takes will be reflected in your costs.

Know the Importance of Compatibility

The most important factor to remember is that everything will need to be suitable for multiple devices. Your audience will be using laptops, desktops, tablets, Smart TVs, and smartphones with screens that your website will need to fit. No matter which device your customers choose to access your website on, your website has to be responsive – meaning, it will need to be able to complete actions such as mouse clicks and hovers on touch screens.

Consider Your Design Specifications and Features

The design aspect of your website is arguably the most important. It’s how you will establish your brand – your brand’s values, voice and ultimately, its overall identity. If you’re selling products, you’ll need marketing and advertising design as well.

As for features, think about how many plug-ins you will need – do you need social media plug-ins, a Google maps section, or polls? Any plug-ins that you want on your website will need some effort to make sure that they work well, which can take a lot of time depending on their complexity. While some of these features are quite simple to include on your website, others can cause issues with your site’s responsiveness, which can take time to overcome.

Remember Integration

To improve data integrity and optimisation, you’ll need to integrate your website with back-end systems. Automating order fulfilment or entering data into accounting software are some tasks that can be included in this process. Although integration can take time, it will be worth it, as it will improve key processes of your website.

Sometimes, people choose a third-party integration system to do the work. This option can be a faster solution but means that you won’t have as much control over what data flows through the integration. The reliability and security of the integration system will be in the hands of the third party, as well as whether or not the integration will comply with the laws and regulations of the primary country that you’re operating your business in.

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