How To Turn Surviving Into Thriving

Ask yourself: where do you want to be when this is all over, because we know one thing for sure, one day it will be all over.

Where do you see your business, your customers, and your strategies on the other side of this?

Hint: there’s no wrong answer. The only mistake you can make here is not asking this question at all.

While we offer all the services it takes to get you online, the most affordable seo melbourne has to offer is that which you can do the groundwork for yourself. So, we’ve put together our top tips that will help any business combat covid and adapt to this new terrain by optimising their online presence.

Utilise everyone’s free time! You yourself have never had more time to hone in on your work and your customers haven’t either! This is the perfect time to actually connect and converse with your customers. Show them you’re here for them through thick and thin. It’s a great way to gain valuable insight and ensure you’re always working in a way that benefits your customers to your full potential.

Self audit. Now is the time for new, adaptable, responsive content. Sit down, get a clear idea of all your platforms, streams, and audiences. Work on how each can be optimised, updated, and utilised. This will help you stay connected and creative in your content.

Don’t be shy! Release new products, projects, and promotions! Get behind the webcam and organise webinars and video meetings. Your audience is more ready and waiting to connect than ever!

Revive your review strategy. Now that everything has shifted online, people can’t walk into a store and test a product themselves. People look to reviews to inform crucial decisions when purchasing goods or services of any sort online. In turn, many consumers now have more time on their hands to write reviews. 

Make sure your reviews are always accessible. Feature them on site where necessary and always encourage people to leave and read them. Remember a negative review is just as valuable to your business if you make it so. Ensure any issues raised in reviews and promptly and appropriately dealt with and that constructive criticism is always harnessed to grow.

Optimise everything! If you can no longer spend your time visually merchandising your beautiful store front window, spend all that time and energy optimising your online store or site. Make sure you’re sprucing and sharpening your online presence. Make it efficient, easy, intriguing, interesting, and most importantly, responsive.

Analyse analytics and adapt! Your needs as a business have changed during this time and so have your customers. Harness the power of your data and analytics to ensure your efforts are always being made the most of.

The team of experts and creatives at First Move is proudly here to lend a helping hand when it comes to getting you up or keeping you going online. Get in touch.