Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting is more than just a catchy domain name, it’s somewhere to store the contents of your site and ensure the continuity of your service. Hosting must be secure, high speed and provide substantial space and bandwidth, while website maintenance works behind the scenes to safeguard your site from common problems and security issues. FMD provides full service web hosting and maintenance services to ensure perfect customer service and brand reliability.

First Move will service your site, ensuring it’s up to date with the latest features, engaging content, and polished design.

We know your business is ever-evolving, just like your audience. Maintaining your website to accommodate growth can be tricky to manage on your own. Work with us to ensure your site services all your businesses needs. With one finger always on the pulse, we’re following the trends and researching new strategies to deliver you results. Our team will continually customise and update your site so you’ll never get left behind. Let us look after you, so you can look after the customers.

Did you know that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you could lose up to 53% of users? It’s that simple, in the technologically advanced world we live in today, your customers expect a certain standard to be met from your site. A catchy domain name and high-quality hosting can work as simple solutions to help capture your would-be customers’ attention. 

When establishing your brand in the digital space, it takes more than a simple website to bring you up to speed. The first thing you need is a domain name or URL (uniform resource locator), which will work as your web address that may need to be purchased. 

Your domain name should be distinct, easy to remember and most importantly, relevant to your business. By choosing a suitable domain name, you can ensure that your site will rank well for search engine performance. 

From there, your site will need hosting to store your website’s content and files. Hosting is sometimes referred to as storage; ultimately, your store won’t run or be able to provide products to display without this element. 

We can offer you the appropriate amount of storage needed to create a prosperous digital realm through our website hosting services. That won’t affect the speed or security of your website. 

Our team will also be on hand to help with any maintenance issues that need to be dealt with, ensuring that your entire site is healthy and performing well. Maintenance entails regular tasks such as security updates, fresh content, encouraging traffic growth, and making sure your website visitors are happy. In simpler terms, think of your website like a cog in a larger machine (your brand). You need to be regularly oiling and checking the performance of this cog so that your whole machine can work smoothly and provide you with the best results possible. 



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