Graphic Design

Graphic design is the careful curation of the image your business wishes to portray. Crafted from custom logos, symbols, typography, colours, images and interactive features, when we produce graphic design elements for your business we bring to life your brand’s personality.

These days, consumers are all too wary of brands trying to push mass marketing messages into their space, invading their feeds and doing a great job of discouraging their loyalty. At First Move, we know how to create carefully thought out content marketing campaigns that fit right in, to gently nurture and inform target audiences.

We portray your knowledge and expertise through powerful thought leadership that’s guided by the ever-expanding field of content marketing. An avenue that’s now dominating the digital space for brands across the globe. If you’ve been avoiding this landscape, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon and put your best content forward.

Graphic design is what creates your visual brand identity. Our graphic designers work across print and digital media to design and refine everything from your logo to your type font, packing, imagery, colour scheme, infographics, marketing templates, website theme design and app design. 

Our graphic designers work on silently communicating the value of your brand to site users. Then, creating a successful brand design that makes your site attractive and even compelling to your customers. Our team thinks of graphic design as an advert meant to grab your attention, becoming a powerful tool to secure your potential client’s interests. 

If you’ve ever been to a website, logo or billboard that you couldn’t get out of your head or had you taking a second look at it, then you already know the power that graphic design holds. Our team of graphic designers will work around the clock to create the perfect visual content to silently communicate your brand message with all demographics. Working to become an extension of your team, learning every corner of your business and developing new design proposals and strategies that just work. So that only the truest designs that accurately represent your brand and its morals are presented to your customers. 

Our team will submerge themselves in your brand, creating a visual outcome that holds intention in every touchpoint, letting your brand’s underlying message do the talking. Our ideas are made to create a movement, creating the biggest wave in a crowded market. At First Move, we believe in exploring the unknown, conceptualising new and unique ideas that make a genuine interest with your consumers. Our goal is for you to be so proud of your brand’s visuals, you’ll want to show it off everywhere you go.



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Are you ready to make the first move?