Google Announce Their Partnership With Shopify in Their Shopping Expansion Plan.

Google’s recent partnership announcement with Shopify has got business owners across the world jumping out of their seats. This announcement now gives 1.7 million merchants currently on Shopify the ability to reach a whole new number of consumers through Google’s popular services. 

How Will This Partnership Work?

This integration will allow Shopify merchants to present their products across Google’s one billion “shopping journeys” in a few simple clicks. These “shopping journeys” are made up through Google’s search, maps, images, lenses and Youtube. 

Although no dates for this joining have been announced yet. The introduction of Google’s “shopping graph”, which uses machine learning to gather product information to better inform its shoppers, is leading the way for this integration. 

Google’s New Shopping Tool 

Google’s “shopping graph” pulls information from product videos, reviews and prices to make consumer shopping easier. This new service will span across Google’s platforms, so whether someone is watching a video on Youtube or discovering a product through a search these shoppers will be connected to the 24 billion listings from multiple merchants across the web. 

For example, now when you view a screenshot in Google photos, there’ll be a suggestion to use Google lenses. By viewing this screenshot in Google lense you’ll be able to see any items for sale within the picture. Making these products easily accessible for any consumer. 

Google also announced earlier this year that it was testing a new service on YouTube that allows consumers to view and buy products they learn about from their favorite content creators. While this strategy broadens Google’s already expansive services it’ll also block any growing threats from TikTok and Facebook’s investment in e-commerce.

Why Google Are Guaranteeing the Success of These New Tools

The reason Google’s “shopping graph” strategy sounds so successful and simple is attributed to their early establishment with current businesses. During the last year in the midst of the pandemic, Google made it free for merchants to sell their products across their platform, resulting in an 80% increase. For retailers, this change meant free exposure to millions of people who come to Google every day for their shopping needs. For Google, this meant that when the official announcement for their “shopping graph” came out these millions of retailers and businesses could be added easily. Which without this partnership would’ve been hard to acquire.

Because of this trial experience, the worry associated with this new tool has been taken out for a lot of these businesses. Since this partnership announcement, more small and independent businesses are likely to sign on straight away, as most would’ve taken advantage of the cut fees from last year. While this doesn’t necessarily mean every merchant on Shopify will be included on Google, it takes away any hesitancy and makes this new service from Google easier for consumers to compare and find these products from its initial start up.

This new partnership will see businesses currently run through Shopify reaping the benefits. With about 3 billion smartphone users being connected to more ecommerce stores, accessibility and attractiveness will matter more than ever in their success. The benefits of replatforming your site to Shopify are now more than ever, at FMD we specialise in creating beautifully designed and optimised websites for everyone in the ecommerce space. Reach out to our team to find out more about what is involved to make sure you don’t miss out on these potential customers.