Getting to Grips with Crypto Marketing

When Bitcoin first came on the scene back in 2009, many of us assumed it was a flash in the pan or, at best, a niche interest. Of course, it had its hardcore enthusiasts brandishing their custom crypto wallet, but most of us thought of crypto currency (if we thought about it at all) as something for tech nerds, with little relevance to broader society and no bearing on conventional economies.

In the intervening years, however, Bitcoin stubbornly refused to go away, and it was joined by a growing number of other cryptocurrencies. While the market today is still very new, highly unpredictable, and poorly understood by the vast majority of people, in the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have experienced steady growth in both value and popularity.

Where Are We Now? 

In late 2021, there is a distinct feeling that things are coming to a head. Crypto startups are becoming increasingly common, related products like NFTs are gaining huge traction (more on those in coming blogs), and it seems like cryptocurrency is here to stay. There is even a strong argument for cryptocurrency being the most significant technological innovation to have emerged since the internet itself, and some believe that it will change the way that we manage and think about financial systems, manufacturing industries, and even healthcare. As with any innovation, you can either ride out to meet it and harness it to your advantage or you can allow yourself to be left behind.

What Exactly is Crypto Marketing? 

As a starting point to build our understanding on, we’ll give a definition of crypto marketing in the simplest possible terms: crypto marketing is any marketing activity that aims to stimulate growth or raise awareness around products related to cryptocurrency. Ok, cool. The next logical question might be ‘How does this kind of marketing differ from regular marketing?’

The Challenges 

There are a few factors that currently make crypto marketing quite a challenging endeavour, most of which stem from the fact that it is still so new. For instance, because crypto marketing is largely an unknown entity, most people will be extra wary of any advertising that mentions crypto currency. For legitimate businesses dealing in cryptocurrency-related products, convincing people that you’re not some dark web scoundrel is a big hurdle. For the same reason, internet giants like Google and Facebook also have restrictions on the kind of advertising crypto traders and investors can run, meaning those businesses have to be creative about how they market their products.

Because of these and other challenges, there are very few digital marketing agencies who currently have anything to do with crypto marketing. The people who have mastered it are generally using their skills and knowledge to play the field themselves and they will not be likely to want to share the secrets of their success.

How FMD Can Help

Fortunately for you, there’s nothing the team at FMD likes more than a challenge, especially when that challenge comes wrapped in a game-changing technical innovation like cryptocurrency. We’ve always prided ourselves on being industry leaders in digital marketing. We’ve kept one eye on developments in cryptocurrency for years, working on strategies to run our own, world-standard crypto marketing campaigns. If you’re serious about staying ahead of the curve and getting to grips with this exciting new field, this is the time to strike. Contact FMD and make the first move today.