Five Things You Need to Know Before You Start Building Your Website

It’s been years since any business was able to achieve real success without a well-curated online presence, but in the last couple of years, the amount of business being done online has skyrocketed. If you’re starting a business in today’s climate, a professional, easy-to-navigate website will be the cornerstone of your operation. We’re proud to say we’ve established ourselves as a creative agency Melbourne start-ups can rely on to deliver a top-notch website that serves the unique needs of their business. In this blog, we’re going to talk about five things you should consider before you start building your website.

1-Get the Right Domain Name

This goes at the top of our list for two reasons: one, when you’re ready to move beyond the planning stage, it’s the very first thing you’ll do; two, because getting the best domain name for your business isn’t something you want to get wrong. You can’t really change your domain name six months or a year down the track, at least not without your business taking a hit. You want it to be simple, memorable, and logical enough that customers can’t get it wrong. If the domain name doesn’t match the business or is too long, you’ll lose people fast.

2-Clear Information and Easy Navigation are Key

People come to your website for a reason; they’re either looking to make a purchase or they want more information. Don’t make them search for it. Everything they might want to know should be there front-and-centre on the home page, and finding their way around should be logical and intuitive. Maintaining a regularly-updated FAQ is also a great way of reducing the workload for your customer service team.

3-Have a Reliable, Seamless eCommerce Platform

If you’re a retail business, your eCommerce platform is going to be the backbone of your operations. The last thing you want is for customers to get frustrated and abandon their trolley at the checkout. Having a platform that is user-friendly, fast, and secure will ensure your customers go through with their purchases and keep coming back for more.

4-Offer High-Value Content

In addition to creating a website that is logical and easy to navigate, you can keep your customers coming back by regularly sharing original, high-value content. Try to offer them something that is informative and interesting, something they can use, and something they won’t find on all your competitors’ websites. Wherever possible, you should have a dedicated team of content producers working on this.

5-Monitor, Maintain, Improve

Once you’ve got your website up and running, the real work begins: constant monitoring, maintenance, and improvement. By using the right analytics tools, you will have a wealth of information available to you on how your customers are interacting with your website. Knowing what they search for, how long they spend on each page, and how often they come back can help you quickly identify barriers and opportunities.

How FMD Can Help

With all the changes happening in the eCommerce realm at the moment, starting your own business can be daunting. But here at FMD, we’ve never been so excited. In four short years, we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of business owners grow and achieve their goals. To find out how we can help you, get in touch online today.