Design covers the development and implementation of some of the most complex aspects of digital marketing. These are your “built from the ground up” elements, such as web design and app creation, that form the cornerstones of unique and exciting digital experiences.

Design SCOPE

Web Development

Building functional websites that seamlessly integrate ecommerce applications is what we thrive on. From web markups to coding, programming and database management, successful web development relies on the precise technical skill and up-to-date knowledge found here at FMD.

App Development

When we think of digital marketing, our first thought often goes to websites, but these days digital marketing extends to mobile and desktop app development. Apps extend and bolster almost every aspect of digital, from ecommerce to social media and entertainment. We develop apps from incubation stage through to final delivery and beyond.

Web Design

Web design is the culmination of technical web development with artistry. From concept to wire frame, we work tirelessly to strike the right balance between design and function. With user experience as our priority, we put the emphasis on intuitive, enjoyable web experiences.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the careful curation of the image your business wishes to portray. Crafted from custom logos, symbols, typography, colours, images and interactive features, when we produce graphic design elements for your business we bring to life your brand’s personality.


Digital branding is the process of creating a brand identity. If you want to be a recognisable business that inspires loyalty, then you need a brand that consumers connect with on an emotional level. Digital branding is an opportunity to strategise and develop who you are as a business and how to best position your products and services for maximum effect.


No digital design process would be complete without testing and refining the user experience. UX and UI refer to the user experiences during and after contact with your brand. Through analysing both first impressions and long term impact, we direct your web presence toward its most successful iteration yet.

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