Content Creation

Content creation covers all aspects of your brand that is read, seen and heard. From concept design through to the placement of text, images and interactive elements, content is your message to the world. With the help of our professional writers, photographers and videographers, we clearly and memorably communicate the value of your brand.

Content Creation SCOPE

Copy Writing

Copywriting is the backbone of every great business. Web content, blogs, commentary, articles, story lines and slogans all come under the heading of copy. However, where copy meets digital it needs to be developed with SEO and current web trends in mind. Our adept copywriters blend creative talent with technical awareness to produce content that inspires and advances your standing in the digital sphere.

Technical Writing

Technical writing takes complicated concepts and breaks them down into high performing web content. If your product requires specialised knowledge, then technical writing is the appropriate direction for your brand copy. We work directly with businesses across the commercial and civil industries, health, education, design, and more, to produce informative web copy that integrates research with SEO and product marketing.


Our in-house photographers and photo studio enable us to capture and produce professional photos for your business that works in harmony with all elements of your brand. Whether you want to improve your brand image or capture an idea for the first time, we develop your concept and turn it into refined and eye-catching visuals.


Videography is leading the way in ecommerce. From product videos to TikToks, consumers are attracted to the 3D portrayal of ideas. Our talented videography team delivers finessed video content that appeals to the new generation of internet users.

Digital Publications

Digital publications refer to the production and distribution of traditionally printed materials in digital format, such as e-books, reports and catalogues. Our digital publications retain the authoritative appearance of hardcopy counterparts but with the added possibilities of audio-visual content, graphic design and lead generation.

Social Media Management

Today, no brand is complete without a strong social media presence. Social Media Management is quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools to boost your relationship with consumers. FMD initiate focused social media marketing campaigns that spark conversations and build customer loyalty.

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