Chat Bots: What Where Why & How

As more and more businesses begin to adopt chatbots into their operations we look at what exactly they are, where they’re being used, how they’re being used, and just why you should be using one. As a digital marketing company Melbourne clients alone are quickly seeing the merit of adding a chat bot to your team. Worldwide they’re quickly taking over with ease, convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Here’s why.


Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that is able to stimulate conversation. In the beginning when this software was developed it was mostly used for just that. Early chatbots served the public as a novelty program you could converse with although this was all just a means of refining the program for bigger and better uses. Fast forward to the current era of chatbots and you’re probably interacting with them without even realising. Businesses across the web are now using chatbots to solve customer queries, collect information and details, as well as organising and scheduling.


Chat bots are a tool in providing customer service that involves simple solutions. It gives businesses the control to tailor the exact tone in which service is delivered. A chat bot can provide instant, round the clock service. It’s accessible and easy, and fits right into the digital lives of your customers. With a chatbot businesses can cut around 30% of operational costs that would have gone to customer service staff. It’s said that by 2022 90% of customer service/interaction will be completely automated. It’s the next logical step, as more and more businesses shift to the online world so do all their operations and resources.


So you want to integrate a chatbot into your site or socials? It’s one thing to go ahead and do it but it’s another to do it successfully to get the most out of it. When setting up your bot make sure you choose the right platform. Do you need your bot on your website or its it going to do more on your socials? Once you decide where you want it and have a reliable platform or software to set it up with you have to consider what exactly it’s going to do. Like anything too much of a good thing can turn bad. Don’t overload your bot with features, this will just slow it down in the long run. Find the key features and services your bot needs to perform and make sure you nail them. Next make sure you consider it’s personality. This bot represents your brand identity so make sure it fits.


Chat bots aren’t restrained to one industry or another. The fact they are so customisable by nature means they can serve a huge variety of businesses. The leading industries in chat bot use are real estate, travel, education, healthcare, and finance. In the world of eCommerce they’re also steady on the rise. They’re also applicable on multiple platforms. Social media sites like Fcaebook allow for automated chat windows while others can be installed on websites.