Can Your Business Manage all the Challenges of Digital Marketing Alone?

When making the leap from a small to medium enterprise to a global business, business owners and managers are faced with the inevitable question: should I invest in my own in-house digital marketing team or outsource to a digital marketing agency?

But to answer this question, we need to ask you another one: are you prepared to repeatedly invest in finding and developing the digital marketing talent you need and keep on top of trends?

We ask because opening any new department in a business takes time and effort. Meanwhile, the digital world is not standing still, and time is of the essence to get your business noticed in the digital sphere.

Scaling any business comes with pain points. However, we prefer to think of these not as pain points but as pressure that can be easily remedied with a diverse team of digital marketing talent.

Let’s run through some of the lesser-known benefits of partnering with a digital agency in place of an in-house department:

Not Limited By Size or Knowledge Base

When you try to build your own digital marketing department, the first thing you’ll realise is that your capabilities and potential are limited by the size and knowledge base of your team. It’s also no easy feat to attract premium digital marketing talent – they’re in demand and charge accordingly. Every salary is a huge dent in your bottom line and there’s no guarantee your team will work cohesively together. To make up for shortfalls in their skills and knowledge base, you’ll end up outsourcing.

In contrast, partnering with a digital marketing agency from the start comes at a fraction of the cost. Digital marketing agencies are heavily invested in having all bases covered so there are no gaps in their capabilities. They’re effectively your dream team on tap, and you can benefit from their talent and knowledge base on demand. Just take a look at their portfolio to see where your business could be.

Scaling Redefines Your Business

With unlimited potential comes unlimited scaling capabilities. Being able to tap into diverse talent across design, marketing and content creation, is the key to unlock your businesses’ full potential.

The perk of ultimate flexibility doesn’t hurt, either. You may want to start with a focus on SEO but nothing’s stopping you from switching your efforts over to design or content side as needed.

In the digital realm, you need to constantly change. Just look at the last twelve months – we’ve seen the meteoric rise of multiple and complex shipping options, omnichannel site delivery and interactive videos.

Two years ago, the needle was pointing at Instagram and Twitter, now it’s TikTok and Linkedin. Keeping on top of swinging trends is key to your success in the digital space – and only a team of highly motivated digital marketing professionals can help you accomplish this.

Empowered To Set a Budget

Clearly, the costs of onboarding your own in-house digital marketing team can spiral out of control. Digital marketing agencies with full-service capabilities across design, marketing and content can help you avoid this.

While it sounds cliche to say you get more for the price of one, that’s exactly the situation when you’re forced to decide between hiring one digital marketing professional vs an entire digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies empower you to set a budget and achieve financial control over the many facets of your business’ digital infrastructure.

Streamlined and Super-Efficient Digital Marketing

Imagine if all you had to do was pick up and phone, or write one email, to access any and all aspects of digital marketing for your business? That’s exactly what digital marketing agencies enable you to do. Your direct point of contact within a digital marketing agency liaises with the entire team on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

But if you want a high level of creative control, that’s available, too, as digital marketing agencies work with you to develop the best version of your brand, business or project for the world to see.

Are You Ready To Make The First Move?

First Move Digital have honed the art of effective digital marketing campaigns, website development, graphic design, branding and content creation with a team of over sixty full time digital artists based right here in Australia.

When you partner with FMD you’re not just outsourcing, we become an extension of your business, and the full capability of our talent is at the disposal of your business goals and dreams.

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